The Strip

I had a lot of fun reading this very juicy novel. What’s not to like when the temperature outside exceeds 100 and the novel you’re reading makes the indoor temps rise like you were in the pits of Hell! Make sure, when you start this novel that you have a cold shower handy and a box of tissues.

You will meet three very different Las Vegas wives. Each woman is intelligent and unique but they have something in common; a “stud-for-hire. The trio is made up of a bestselling author, a family therapist and a sizzling sexy song and dance artist. What they have in common is sad and sometimes terrifying lives and a penchant for Cam Lawford, the young and very perfect “escort”. The book opens with Cams murder and then back tracks a bit then leads us back up to his murder and a bit beyond. It is the bit beyond that had me reaching for the tissues.

I have never read anything by Mr. Salem before (Tan Lines) but I found his work to be very satisfying, rich in imagination and even gripping which is not something that you often see with a book that most would consider a light “beach read”. His characters are well fleshed out and the issues that they have while maybe not something the average woman will have, are written so clearly that you can put yourself easily into their shoes. These talents for writing made this book a bit spine tingling for me.

Altogether a fun, sexy, and provocative way to pass an afternoon.