Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy - Peter S. Beagle, Nathan Ballingud, Elizabeth Bear, Ellen Datlow Naked City by Various Authors
This is a book chock filled with the stories of today’s best and brightest speculative fiction authors. Since it would probably be unproductive for me to synopsize each story, I will say that there are several that I enjoyed very much. “Priced to Sell” by Naomi Novik a hilarious light story which deals with the harshness of selling real estate in New York to Vampires, Pookas and various other things that go bump in the night. “Noble Rot” by Holly Black was another of my favorites; a story dealing in Ghouls and the choice one Ghoul makes for someone.. “And Go Like This” was a fun somewhat confusing read with a surprise ending.

Patricia Briggs story was a surprise for me since I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would and Jim Butchers story will hold interest for those who enjoy the Chicago Cubs.

While this was an enjoyable read for the most part-it is not a necessary book for those following any of the author’s series,