Whisper To The Blood (Kate Shugak, #16)

Whisper To The Blood (Kate Shugak, #16) - Dana Stabenow This book is both a new one with a new story line and a continuation of [[ASIN:0312937547 A Deeper Sleep: A Kate Shugak Novel (Kate Shugak Novels)]] since we never really figured out who killed Louis Deem.

I like the fact that in this book Kate and Jim are having a real relationship. I love that Kate is not getting the carp beat out of her, that she is becoming more involved with the tribe.

In other words this book really moved the series forward---maybe into a direction you aren't going to like, but it took a large step forward. There is lot's of character growth for many.

I understand that there are some people who look at a particular scene as a rape scene - I am fortunately or maybe unfortunately, not sensitive about this in this particular book and could understand what that scene was all about.

I love this series and make a habit of reading all of these book at least once every couple of years. Normally I am so 'into' the book that I would not normally catch things like this. And if you are not a re-reader and leave a year of two between books then you might not notice these things. Unfortunately, though the story and history was, as usual, fascinating and the character development was what we've come to expect, these time-line issue and inconsistencies are not something I like.

I know the author admits to changing certain characters language skills, height etc, but that was early in the series. (If I remember correctly). You would think by now the author could keep her characters amount of children and secondary characters ages correct!!!

The Smith's had 17 children last book -in this one, 21 kids.

Johnny was 14 in the last book -in this he is 16.

Now I could understand these issues if many years had gone by. But only one year (or really less) has gone by in this book.

I am sure there are other inconsistencies -but these are the ones that bothered me the most.