The Creed Legacy

The Creed Legacy - Linda Lael Miller Fans of arrogant, strong, testosterone laden cowboys with a secret past and a vulnerable side; and heroines who have great worth but just aren’t sure of it because of others cruelties in the past, will be sure to love Brody and Carolyn. Now throw in the matchmaking attempts of busybody neighbors, friends, and relatives and you have the perfect formula for a Western Style romance. This is book 2 in the Creed Cowboys trilogy and can be read easily as a standalone book. .
It’s been 8 years since Brody Creed left Carolyn Simmons. Carolyn thought they had a bright future until the night Cody got a phone call and just up an left with no explanation. Now Both Carolyn and Brody are back in Lonesome Bend just trying to live their lives. But, whenever they encounter each other sparks still fly, much to the amusement of the people that know them best.
I had some issues with the very in depth inner dialogues that Brody and Carolyn had with themselves and for a while I didn’t see how the story was every going to go anywhere. It started out slow and it took me a while to warm up to and finally understand just where these two people were coming from. Things do move along finally, and the pace eventually picks up in this entirely relationship driven novel. Ms Miller uses her fine talent in the best way possible to bring us a superior romantic read with the expected and well deserved, for Brody and Carolyn, “happily ever after”.

I highly recommend along with her contemporary romances, Ms Miller’s historical romances and most especially her Christmas books