His Darkest Salvation

His Darkest Salvation - Juliana Stone His Darkest Salvation by Juliana Stone
Book 3 in the Jaguar Warriors is filled with evil, shape-shifting jaguars, jaguars in heat, hate, self-loathing and a semi-rape (I will explain further later on in the review) and treachery. Every possible emotion is used to the best advantage in this book.

Julian Castille had sex with Jaden DeCosta…once. And once was all it took to set a mate bond in place. Then Julian disappeared. For months, he has been gone and Jaden tells herself it doesn’t matter. Now Julian is back. He has spent time in the bowels of Hell and has lost part of his soul. So now he is back, he meets with Jaden once again, finds that they are mated and Julian seems to believe Jaden to now be a whore and a traitor.

This book certainly delivers action, suspense and a heat that can be scalding at times. This book also delivers a lot of inner angst-ing and repetitive soliloquies on why they hate each other so much. This book is slow to build and the dislike between the two characters, although resolved in the end, can be somewhat annoying for those who don’t like books where the main theme is “I hate you…No I hate you more…You betrayed me…No, you betrayed me more”.

While this book is not for me, I can certainly see that this will resonate with many readers. As I said it is chock filled with all of the components that make up a great romance novel. I certainly can recommend this book to those of you who like such authors as Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon and some of Kresley Coles books.

The only reason I mentioned rape is that in one-scene, Jaden starts coming into heat (she is a cat after all!) and Julian, shall we say services her but does so with loathing and makes it known quite loudly. This scene can be somewhat disturbing for those of us that may like at least a little respect during love scenes between our protagonists.