A Cold-Blooded Business

A Cold-Blooded Business - Dana Stabenow This is one of the more interesting Kate Shugak novel, not so much for the mystery aspect, although it WAS a good mystery. The mystery seemed to take a backseat to the history of the pipeline and what these people that work there go through during their time there.

What made this a good read for me, was learning just what working an Alaskan pipe line is like. What it does and doesn't do to our environment, how it has potential (as we have seen) to cause huge problems...but if this book is written fairly it also shows that it is not as bad as we've all been led to believe. Of course I am not a native Alaskan, so I don't feel the affects as an Alaskan does.

The mystery aspect does seem to get a bit of a short shrift, but finally comes to the front and center during a most exciting last quarter of the novel. Not to say that Kate isn't doing her best throughout the book...it is just that she is keeping too much, too close to her vest (and away from the readers). It was almost as if she wrote the book to teach us about the pipeline and then in the last quarter of the book said, "oh poop I forgot I was writing a mystery! I'd better get to it!".

We do get to meet Jacks son and his ex-wife in this book and what an interesting pair they are!