A Fatal Thaw

A Fatal Thaw  - Dana Stabenow "A Fatal Thaw" opens horrifically enough with a mass murder - only one of these murders isn't like the others. Now Kate has to find out who in the Park has murdered one of its less popular inhabitants.
An interesting aspect of this particular novel is that Kate lives through an earthquake while in the middle of a climb up a mountain and the description is hair-raising to say the least.

Kate is dealing fairly well with all that has happened to her in the recent past and her character is growing, mellowing and somewhat learning to work well with others.

One of the best lines in this book and one of the most apt in describing Kate is this one - this is when Kates friend Bobby, a macho type Viet Nam vet says to Kates sometimes lover and sometimes boss Jack "It's hell when us macho hero types have to let the heroine rescue herself, ain't it?"

Kate can save her own butt. And ain't that a relief?