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Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton Hit List by Laurell K Hamilton

Is this series nearly over after 20 books or will Ms Hamilton keep trying to push for more? It seems to me that Ms Hamilton may be getting somewhat tired of Anita and her Harem and it shows in the writing of this novel. In addition, if Laurell is tired at this point can you imagine just how her longtime fans feel? Luckily, this book is not as horrid as some of her previous attempts at writing action/erotica. It goes a long way in making up for the previous books that have so insulted her fans intelligence and hopefully Ms Hamilton may have finally given up on the assumption that we (her long-time fans) will stick with the series no matter how faulty the writing.
One of the biggest problems in this book is that there is a lot of repetition both in dialogue and in character types. Some dialogue and descriptions seem to be reproduced nearly word for word in the space of two chapters. It is as if Ms Hamilton is too tired to think of anything new to throw at Anita and Crew. Perhaps her beta readers and editor fell down on their jobs. Marshal Raborn seems to be a caricature or a regurgitation of Dolph. Dolph when he was at his worst. Remember the books in which he is angry and takes it out on Anita? I’m tired of these kinds of repetitive ‘macho’ men and Anita having to defend herself; as if Ms Hamilton really needs to remind us that Anita is MORE than just a sex object now. Oh wait…maybe she does?
One good thing about this book is that the excessive descriptions of long hair are missing since none of her “sweeties” is in it, but we do get descriptions of ‘anime’ hair. Also missing are the ramblings of Anita discussing her wardrobe and the ever-popular lengthy dialogues and soliloquies just before she deigns to have sex with anyone. Amazingly, sex takes a backseat to the other goings on in this book. No sex until half way through the book!!!
But Anita’s nearly constant need to size herself up against all the other women, to constantly be reminding us of how cute, curvy and large breasted she is, how desirable she is, is taking a major toll on this reader. It’s annoying and makes me wonder just how insecure the author is in her own life.

Now for the ending and my thoughts-------------SPOILERS---------SPOILERS--------SPOILERS

So we have a conclusion to the Mother of All Darkness, but did we have an ending? Is this a true death of Marmee? On the other hand, will this be a red herring? Why did Ms Hamilton choose to end the “Big Bad” but not the series? I’m annoyed that we’ve gone through twenty books with perhaps ten of them building up to this and then it being such a letdown. Although I do find it interesting that Olof/Otto is now going to be a lion.