The Outlaw Viking

The Outlaw Viking - Sandra Hill This is the second in a 2-book mini-series within the series. The first book introduces Rain’s mother who has also traveled back, way back in time.

This book while it has its moments of humor is more of a tear-jerker than anything else. I have re-read this book at least 25 times and I still can’t help tearing up or out and out crying during several well written and emotional scenes.
These are two extremely well developed and believable characters. I enjoys the fact that Rain sticks to her modern ethics and beliefs no matter how difficult doing so during this violent time and place. Selik also sticks to his guns but since this is a book mostly for females, he does change a bit to accommodate Rains feelings about certain things.

I loved this book even more than the first one and I DO recommend that you read “The Reluctant Viking” first, to get yourself up to speed.Sandra Hill Is an amazing author of this genre, but I do find that I like her earlier book much more than I do the later ones in this long running series.