North Wolf

North Wolf - M.A. Everaux Gwen has a bit of a problem. The next Alfa Wolf of a clan in far northern Canada is lusting after her. Actually, she has lots and lots of problems. The first is she is in a mental institution because she saw a werewolf and nobody would believe her. Her mother had her committed and wants her to stay committed so she doesn’t offend any of her friends. She has been kidnapped (sort of) from the institution and now, she finds herself living with one of the most demanding werewolves around!

This story is not going to be for every erotica lover. Eben is a very strong and strong willed character and can be downright annoyingly bossy. He will not take no for an answer. In one scene there is a forced seduction.

On the other hand Gwen can be downright annoying too and of course will not listen to anyone even if it is for her own good. The fact that I still loved this book will be obvious to anyone who dares purchase it! They are both a product of their upbringings. Ebon fought his whole life for everything (he was an orphan in Turkey) Gwen’s years were not pretty.

The sex while sometimes using “forced seduction” scenarios , it is still a sexy read and we do eventually get a HEA with both characters learning to give a little.