Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews This is a pivotal book in that it is the book where Curran and Kate finally admit what they feel about each other. And thank goodness it works. In most media once two such volatile characters get together most of the personal tension is lost and the series goes downhill, but not this series.

Kate had to let Curran in on some personal secrets and Curran has to make some concessions himself. It is a perfect melding of two such uber Alpha characters. Although I'm sure that Kate would not think of herself as such!

This book is perfect from its opening prologue in which we find Kate having a very personal crisis (yes Currans people can be butt-heads) to the very emotional yet supremely satisfying ending that can also be thought of as a personal crisis for both Kate and Curran. It is sort of unusual for Ms Andrews to open AND close her book with personal scenes like this.

Throughout the book we see that no matter what happens to her, Kate has not lost her dry and fatalistic sense of humor and Ms Andrews doesn't fail at making me laugh during the horror that is Kate's life.

A totally satisfying and sexy read.