Breaking Silence

Breaking Silence - Linda Castillo Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo
If you are fascinated in learning about different religions and cultures the way I am and if you happen to love Faye Kellerman and her Sanctuary (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels) series, then Breaking Silence (as well as the first two books Pray for Silence: A Thriller (Kate Burkholder), Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder)) by Ms. Castillo will be right up your alley. This third book in the Kate Burkholder series can easily be read as a standalone novel, but I highly recommend reading the first two.

This book starts with an eerily graphic, chilling, bloody and vicious hate crime involving the farm animals on one Amish woman's farm and immediately segues into what at first appears to be a tragic accident. It is quickly found that at least one of the members of the Slabaugh family who were found dead in their cesspit did not die accidentally but may have been murdered. Can this murder be connected with the string of vicious hate crimes that have been committed against the peaceful Amish?
Kate grew up Amish, until tragic circumstances that affected her and her family, forced her to make some difficult life decisions and leave the Ordnung. However, she is back now and will do nearly anything to see that this brutal murder is brought to justice. She will do almost anything to see that the persecution of these gentle and peaceful people stops.

This book had such a twist that I literally had my jaw hit the floor and if that first shock was not enough we get one more. What a fabulous ride this was. I love a book that so completely takes me by surprise as this one did. Ms Castillo writes very strong, likable, realistic, fully fleshed characters. The secondary characters are as fully fleshed and wonderfully written as the protagonist and antagonists. Her burgeoning relationship with agent John Tomasetti is developing and becoming stronger. The action will keep you on the edge of your chair from the very first page until the last one. You will be counting the days until the next book in this series comes out. Ms. Castillo has grown as an author and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. I was hooked on this series from the very first book, and I am thrilled to have been along for the ride.