The Ghost of Greenwich Village

The Ghost of Greenwich Village - Lorna Graham Eve (Eventual) Weldon moves to Greenwich Village from the mid-west to try to capture some of what her Mother found when she lived there as a young adult during the early sixties. Glamor, fun,a great job or maybe romance...she wanted to find something. What she did find was a ghost inhabiting her apartment, (actually he resided in her head)and not just any ghost but a cranky writer ghost, a hold-over from the Beat Generation who wants to use Eve as his stenographer. Eve is also sure she is going to find a wonderful creative job and find a job she does. She finds a job with a morning, talk show called "Smell the Coffee", writing the scripts that the hosts make to look like their own words.

While this is a perfectly fine first novel, I found that the only things I pulled from it was that Eve was portrayed as a sort of clichéd and somewhat naïve mid-westerner with an annoyingly cloying sweet personality, who tried too hard to capture what her Mother found while living in the Village.

The ghost aspect of the story could have been quite charming and is one of the hooks that drew me to this book. But instead of something novel and interesting, I found the ghost (Donald) to be abrasive , annoying and one of the least likeable characters I've encountered in a long time. I do understand what the author was trying to do by inserting the ghost aspect of the story, but it just did not sit well with me.

What I did learn from this book is that if it is true that authors should write about what they know; then Ms. Graham did an excellent job of teaching me things that I didn't know and perhaps never wanted to know about the morning shows (or perhaps even straight news shows). I truly wish the parts about Eve and her relationships with the "Smell the Coffee" employees had been expanded, and that some of the relationships had been broadened.

I learned more about the fashions from that era and culture of the Beat Generation than I ever knew before, so this book did teach me something. Unfortunately, I thought I was going to be reading a more whimsical type of book so what the book did contain disappointed me a bit. This is by no means a horrible book, it is quite good in parts, but you may need a lot of patience to see Eve grow and shed some of `girlish' and somewhat spoiled and whiny attitude.