Agnes and the Hitman

Agnes and the Hitman - Bob Mayer, Jennifer Crusie Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie

Out of all the books that Jennifer and Bob have written together, I have to tell you THIS one is the only one I think is worth reading. Not only reading once, but also re-reading repeatedly! I don’t know how many times I have re-read this book, and I’m still as in love with the story and the characters as I am the very first time I read it!

This is a sexy, funny, mysterious read and a bit of a roller-coaster ride. This is a story containing major deceptions, weddings, food, murder, frustrations, obsessions, the ‘Mob”, hope and out and out hate.

Agnes Crandall is a food writer and wields a mighty frying pan. Sometimes that frying pan is used for purposes other than it was intended; like whacking someone over the head if they tick Agnes off. Perhaps this is one reason why she is known in the newspaper business as “Cranky Agnes”.

Shane is asked by his Uncle to come back and watch over his ‘Little Agnes” after someone tries to dognap her bloodhound and accidentally gets killed in the process.

Shane is a hit man, but who does he work for? And how much does he owe his Uncle and just why is his next hit apparently in the same town as Agnes? What is his boss Wilson hiding?

The team of Cruise and Mayer’s write flawlessly speaking in two voices, yet written so subtlety that I am still not sure as to who is writing what. The characters, ALL of them, are fully fleshed and grow during the telling of the story. The story itself has a lovely flow to it combining the best of comedy and mystery. Those who deserve the ‘happily ever after’ get one and the characters that don’t …well you’ll just have to read the book