Gone With a Handsomer Man

Gone With a Handsomer Man - Michael Lee West
With cute and somewhat clichéd characters, a plot that has enough holes you can drive a semi through it, a relatively easy mystery to be solved and a predictable love affair, you would think that I would pan the heck out of this book. Surprise! I really liked this book even with the fumblings and silliness of the characters, the ease of the read and the ludicrousness of the plot. I know that many are going to perhaps compare this to Janet Evonovich, but I don’t see it myself. This seems to be a unique mix of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt and some Mary Kay Andrews. The South at its silliest best.
Christine (Teeny) Templton comes home on night to find her fiancé having a naked badminton game (shuttlecocks a flyin’) with two equally naked women. And let me tell you the author sure does paint a very vivid picture as to what naked badminton looks like! A smack-down ensues with Teeny pitching unripe peaches at the trio and consequently being arrested and hauled before the court.
Now here it is a couple of days later, and Tenny finds her ex-fiancé dead and she has been tassered and now she is being blamed and a set up to go down for this death. Oh dear; now Teeny needs a lawyer and who should just happen to show up? Yep, an old love of hers (of course) who just happens to be a lawyer.

A fine fluff read that shouldn’t take you more than a few hours or maybe a day. This book is filled with recipes and lessons on southern cooking. Beware of some of these recipes! Some of these recipes will be found at the back of the book…unfortunately not the delicious sounding Red Velvet Cake, but what can you do?