Ascension - Sable Grace Ascension by Sable Grace

In this series debut by the writing team of Heather Waters and Laura Barone writing as Sable Grace; we meet Kyana, a half Vampire and half werewolf. Kyana is a tracker with an uncanny ability to find anything she needs to. We also meet Ryker who is a demigod of unique abilities. In this debut we open with finding that the gates of Hell have been opened spewing forth various forms of evil into the world and this gate needs to be closed with a key that Kyana will be tasked to hunt down with the sexy Ryker. Ryker just happens to be the man that spurned Kyana ten years ago and she has never forgiven him for not taking her up on her “offer”.

This was an interesting and unique story, with well developed characters, a lot of action and a fine plot line using a new-ish twist on the Greek Gods and Titans. This book also has a solid mystery with plenty of red-herrings to satisfy even the most hardcore mystery lover.

Unfortunately I had a lot of difficulty following parts of this novel. I found the world building to be scanty at best. We seemed to be plunged into this world with no explanation and must rely on the bits and pieces that are sparsely meted out to us seemingly on a whim. I'm sure that the following books in this series will explain more of the worlds and have Kyana become a little more compassionate to the Humans she is trying to protect. Another aspect that I had an issue with is that Kyana is supposed to be a kick-butt, take no prisoners type of woman and don’t get me wrong, she really can be, but her incessant whining over Ryker and how he didn't jump at the chance ten years ago to “jump her bones” got to be a bit annoying at times.

This book ended on a very interesting and surprising note; very nearly a cliff-hanger that will be sure to draw the readers to the next book in this series.