My One and Only

My One and Only - Kristan Higgins My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins latest release, "My One and Only" is another winner
in her long line of her contemporary romance books.
This book stars divorce attorney Harper James, her long-time ex husband
Nick Lowery (they have been divorced now for twelve years) and
assorted other wonderful secondary and tertiary characters who serve
to make this a delightfully enjoyable and immensely satisfying read.

When Harper learns that her younger stepsister will be re-marrying for
the third time, she has many qualms. In addition, when Harper learns that
Willa, her stepsister, will be marrying the half-brother of her
ex-husband Nick, well let's just say it wasn't pretty! Harper has a
bit of a jaundiced view on marriage and the whole happily ever after
fairy tale. And rightfully so. While it may take us a while to learn
the exact way her marriage to Nick disintegrated, we know from the
outset it was a marriage that was most likely doomed; one might even
say that the divorce was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now Nick and Harper are sharing a ride from Willa and Christopher’s
wedding in Montana to the airport in Bismarck, N Dak,, and while the
sexual sparks may be flying, questions about the past haunt them. The
problem is, is that Harper and Nick still love each other; but if they
can't find a way on this trip to iron out the past, will they have a
future together?
While it could be said that Harper might be a tad over-sensitive with
the way she looks and her gruff and pragmatic outlook on life might be
a bit grating to the reader at times, it will be explained in the last
1/4 of the book, just why she is the way she is.
Very strong and very likeable and sympathetic character’s that do a
wonderful job of driving this story and an excellent eye for detail,
makes this book a pleasure to read. Even when Harper is at her
shrewish best, you know in your heart that this isn't truly her and
the best of Harper will eventually come to fruition. Nick, though he
indeed has his own faults, shines as a Knight in Shining Armor and is
a swoon worthy, strong yet romantic male lead.

The secondary stories have their own very satisfying, if somewhat brief

If I have any complaints at all, it would be the way Ms Higgins uses
certain words in place of certain swear words. While I find this to
be comic at first, it becomes somewhat annoying after a while.