Spirit Dances

Spirit Dances - C.E. Murphy Spirit Dances by C. E. Murphy

This book takes up where “Demon Hunts” sort of leaves off. We find Joanne being approached by Rita Wagner, the woman she saved in the last book, who accidentally starts the ball rolling toward a rollicking ride of a book.
Joanne FINALLY gets to go out on a “sort of” date with her boss ‘Morrison’. But little did they know they would not only be enjoying a dance troupe, but they would also be dealing with a shape changing Joanne, murder, general mayhem, real (sort of) were wolves, Morrison being understanding and very sexy and Joanne finally figuring out just what and who in her life is important.
I am thrilled with this book. I adored the very surprising ending. I have been following this series since it started and Joanne finally shows so much character growth and maturity that it breaks my heart to see what she is going to have to leave behind. I expect that not only will she be finding out about her furry issues, but more about her Shamanistic growth