The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen) by Julie Kagawa (Paperback - Jan 25, 2011)

Iron Queen starts where Iron Daughter left off. We find Ash and Meghan back in the “real” world trying to deal with their exile and banishment. Meghan thinks that all the horror and terror are behind her, that now she can try to have a life with Ash, perhaps renew her relationship with her family, go back to school—lead a normal life-- but it serenity is not going to be found, at least not for the next little while!. Meghan is called upon by both the Summer King and the Winter Queen to help them save Faery. And she Ash and Puck set off to do so with the help of some unlikely characters and very unlikely allies.

These books give us interesting and refreshingly different worlds. (for instance the Iron Fey are all about technology, computers taking over the Worlds, etc.) The characters have grown somewhat since the last books and but the romantic part of the story may still be a bit unrealistic for some people. Meghan, although she has grown and gotten a bit of a spine, still spends much of her time being weepy and a bit mealy-mouthed which I don’t think the targeted audience will enjoy. What is interesting if a little intense, are the fights (bloody and descriptive), the political intrigue and the secondary characters.