Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning (Book Five/Finale)

This is the final book in this nearly epic “Fever” series and others have given a synopsis and have done a fine job of it. So what I’m going to do is to just give you my take on it. I just this minute finished it, and perhaps I should let it percolate or even re-read it, but I’m going to go with my gut and tell you what I am thinking right this minute with no time to hem and haw. This may even be more of a rant than a review and for that, I am sorry. I did love this book. But, I had many problems with it and on so many different levels that I don’t know where to begin.

I think that as many great authors do, Ms Moning let herself get too caught up in something that didn’t necessarily translate well into the pages of this novel. I have a thing about too much angst in what I read for pleasure. I do understand; by reading all the books in this series as well as the lesser Highlander series that gives us the background on the final players in Shadowfever, that the angst was warranted. After all our heroine Mac, has more questions about her life than “Carter has pills” and rightly so. Has anyone ever told her the truth when she asked for it? Was anything ever as they seemed? Is everything an illusion about her life…with what is happening now…what will things will become? Is she even human? Yes most of these questions are answered, but at what price? Throughout this novel, of which at least 100 pages (if not more) could have been edited out and a tighter writing style could have been used, more and more questions are raised and never truly answered in a clearly cut well defined manner. Perhaps I am just too linear in my thinking. What bothered me the most is that Mac would speak to someone and then at least one page of her asking herself questions would follow before the other character would answer. It is a clever ploy for a writer, but for this reader it is an annoying way to read. Too often I found myself skimming what should have been an exciting heart stopping read just to get to the next pertinent piece of the puzzle.

It has been brought up elsewhere that Mac’s character had become a bit of a “Mary Sue” and I defended Ms Moning’s writing and the character of Mac. We all knew that bigger things were in store for Mac and were prepared for them. I knew from the previous novels that there would be profound changes to Mac. We always knew she had something ‘extra’ going on. However, even I have to admit that it was sometimes just a wee to much over the top in this book. There were so many red herrings and rabbits pulled out of hats that I didn’t know if I was reading an Urban Fantasy or a comic book at times.