The Immortals

The Immortals - J.T. Ellison The Immortals (Taylor Jackson) by J. T. Ellison (Mass Market Paperback - Oct 1, 2010)
In this sometimes confusing and sometimes unsuspensful, suspense novel we catch up to Taylor Jackson just as she has been reinstated to the Nashville PD and as the ceremony finishes, congratulations are passed around and they are off to celebrate Taylor gets called to the scene of a crime. A horrific ritualistic murder involving a teenager. Then she is called to another murder, then another and another and so on. At the same time, her fiancé Baldwin has been called back to Quantico to deal with something that had happened a number of years ago.

This is the 5th book in the Taylor Jackson series and some readers may find it a bit difficult to understand fully what is going on and who is who and how they relate to Taylor since the book is sprinkled liberally with references from earlier books.
What could have been an exciting fast paced novel of suspense and thrills just based on the types of murders they are, quickly can become frustrating to the reader when the reader realizes that this is not going to be able to be read as a stand alone

One of my problems with a few novels is some authors ability to pull a reader so far out of the main story by telling a second story that has absolutely no bearing on the main theme. And that is what I felt happened with "The Immortals". Every time the suspense started to build and it finally was becoming a page-turner, Ellison would break from the main story to tell a secondary story that mostly took place many years ago.
While I understood that the protagonist was a teenager and that sometimes teens have ego issues, I found "Raven" to be especially pompous, a blow-hard, overly erudite and annoying beyond the normal feelings that one has for a possible murderer.

Unfortunately, though I really wanted to enjoy this novel just based on the ideas laid out in the description, I just could not get into it and find anything to recommend to anyone.

Edited to add this********SPOILER ALERT*********

If you have issues with incest you may want to stay away form this book---while it's not a huge part of the theme of the book, due to the nature of the sex scenes it may be of concern to some.