The Countess

The Countess  - Lynsay Sands The Countess- Lynsay Sands

Lynsay Sands does it again! While I do so love her Argeneau Vampire series, I adore her Historical Romances even more. “The Countess” ( book 1 in series) is everything that Ms Sands is known for and then some. “The Countess” is charming, funny, sexy, intriguing, and clever and a true joy to read for historical romance fans.

When Christiana’s mean, cruel and totally unsexy husband Dicky Fairgrave drops dead of what they assume are natural causes, she and her sisters decide to put him on ice (literally) and go on as if life hasn’t changed except for the better. After all her sisters still need to come out so why ruin life for them? The very first night of Dicky’s death Christiana decides to go to a ball with her sisters. Now they are absolutely positive Dicky is dead, so imagine their surprise when Dicky walks into the ball.

Richard Fairgrave has just come back from America to confront his nasty twin brother who has stolen his identity as well as married under his name. When Richard meets his “inherited” wife at the ball he finds her to be a little less than he expected, but with time and an accidental bit of whiskey on Christiana’s part, Richard soon finds that he really, really wants to keep his “inherited bride” and to do that he must build her trust while finding out just what the heck happened to his brother who was murdered.