Playdate - Thelma Adams Playdate by Thelma Adams

Meet Lance and Darlene Ramsay and . A middle class, suburban California couple with a ten year old (going on 40) daughter. The Ramsay family has recently moved from the desert town of Barstow to a lovely middle class neighborhood. Lance has left the business of being a weatherman to become a house husband and Darlene is on the verge of opening her first restaurant in what she hope becomes a chain that will give Ihop a run for it’s money. Lance is, although he will not admit it; dissatisfied with his life and has become the stud of their community. Tantric sex and a lot of Zen abound in a book that is about absolutely nothing other than the fact that it shows just how selfish and fool hardy these families are. I can see that the author is trying to make fun of the modern family, but this book doesn’t come off as funny. It just comes off as being pathetic. None of the characters are ones that I can have any feelings for. I just could not work up anything for this book. I do have one question…do ten year old girls really talk as if they are a bored with life forty year old?

If you are still curious after all the reviews here about this book, take it out from the library as you will be sure to find that it will not be a “keeper” to be read over and over. Save a tree and your cash and stay away from “Playdate”.