Pale Demon

Pale Demon - Kim Harrison Pale Demon- Kim Harrison
If you are thinking of starting, this series with this novel DON’T! It will leave you confused, disgruntled and crabby since you won’t know who is who and what the back story is. BUT I really do recommend that if you love witches, demons, vampires, fairies, pixies elves and assorted other types of creatures then this is one of the best series you will find that will appease your hunger.

Here is a little back-story; years ago a genetically engineered virus has wipe d out almost all of humanity leaving a clear playing field for the other creatures. They call themselves the “Inderlanders” and by coming out of the closet, they have changed the entire face of the world.
Rachel Morgan is a witch who had worked for the government as a bounty hunter…now she works for herself along with her roommate who is a living Vampire.

In this book we find Rachel being forced to travel cross country to prove her innocence of practicing Demonic black magic. Should she be found guilty, a lot more than shunning will happen to her. She may be forced to live in the Demonic Underworld - forever.
Now Rachel , the Pixie Jenks, the living vampire Ivy and sort of arch enemy and Elf, Trent Kalamack have three days to get to the west coast…San Francisco to be exact and to prove her innocence. Which may actually be harder than it sounds…since well...Rachel isn’t all that innocent anymore. With assassins after Rachel and a ferocious Demon who can pretty much end the world on their tail, is it any wonder Rachel is a wee bit cranky? But Rachel is smart and pragmatic and will do whatever it takes to stay alive and to keep her friend safe-even damn herself to the Demonic Underworld.

Out of all the books so far, I think that this one will go down as my all time favorite. It shows Rachel growing and having a lot more faith in her ability. She isn’t fighting the petty fights and has come to understand that sometimes you have to be a little bad, in order to do a lot of good. This book, for those of you who have been following the series, is also pivotal as far as Rachel and Trent go. This may be the precursor to Rachel and Trent actually (finally) admitting their attraction to each other.
There are many surprises in store for those who are going to pick this book up. Some you may not like, but I suspect many more that you will love. Also don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing some crying while reading this book!

Dead Witch Walking; The Good, The Bad, and The Undead; Every Which Way But Dead; A Fistful of Charms; For a Few Demons More; The Outlaw Demon Wails; White Witch, Black Curse; and Black Magic Sanction.