Love at First Sight: A Cupid, Texas Novel

Love at First Sight: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde Natalie McCleary is an inexperienced woman and she isn’t quite sure if she believes in love at first sight, since it has never happened to her personally. Then the ultra sexy Dade Vega (interesting name no?) shows up in town to search for a friend of his who is missing. Dade is the typical ‘bad-boy’ almost a bit trite - he is an ex-Navy SEAL, he drives a Harley, he broods very well, and comes from a horrid childhood.

Natalie owns an Inn in the town of Cupid AND even though she is inexperienced, she dispenses advice to the lovelorn.

Ms. Wilde has all of the technical aspects of this genre down pat and with this book, it is almost like she was following a recipe where if she just changed the recipe a tiny bit, perhaps the finale dish would be horrible. Unfortunately, with this book the author may have benefited a bit from a little experimentation.

For nearly ½ of the book the protagonists conduct most of their conversations with themselves –inside their heads. Both protagonist had horrible things happen to them as they were growing up which defines them as adults. They will not take themselves out of their comfort zones. And each one hides behind their “handicaps” and pretty much uses these as an excuse not to experience life to its fullest.

The mystery aspect of this novel takes backseat to all the brooding each main character does until the very end, when the mystery is solved a little too fantastically. I understand that this is primarily a romance novel, but even romance lovers want their story lines to be somewhat believable!
This was a really fast read, but it might be a little too easy to put this book down, if something else strikes your fancy.

This is not a terrible novel-the sexual heat is there, there are some interesting situations between some of the characters, the sex is hot but not dirty, the author really uses language and words to paint wonderful pictures of the protagonist’s feelings.