Bitter Bite (Elemental Assassin)

Bitter Bite (Elemental Assassin) - Jennifer Estep It looks as if I may be the only one that is not as enamored of this series as I used to be. I'm sad about that because I had such high hopes when it first started, now it just almost seems as if it is similar to what L. Hamilton did with Anita Blake. Oh, not the sex, oh no not that, but the killing of of the supposed 'big bad' and then not having anywhere else to go but a bigger badder.

We've read this series for years now and instead of ending the series on a happy note by killing off Mab Monroe and having Gin become the head of the Mob, we have to introduce something newer, more violent and even something depressing. Yes, it is interesting to find out that Gin really isn't the Mob Boss and to find out that Mab wasn't either. However this just felt to me, like it was just a ploy to keep the series going with a simple twist instead of either ending the series as it most likely should have been, or thinking up many different situations to put Gin and Crew into peril...

6 years of books ( in real life) and only about a year passes in their lives - kind of. Once I finally realized that, it put this series into a different perspective for me.

Of course this does give us a book with a tiny bit of a cliff hanger.