The Undead Pool

The Undead Pool - Kim Harrison

The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison

Although much of this book centers on what is happening to Cincinnati’s various Vampire populations, the rest of it is about the long anticipated story of Rachel and Trent. There is so much happening to the humans as well as the Vamp, Demon and Elvin population that at times it can be a little stressful. That stress can hit hard especially when Ms Harrison tries to ‘teach’ us too much stuff at one time.

This book can be a bit confusing at times, because there is so much action of the ‘hurry up and wait’ variety. However once you get to the 50% point things take off on a full gallop. Once I got to that point, I could not for the life of me put this book down.

The character growth is amazing in this novel. The emotions are raw and honest between all of the characters that you just want to weep at times. Old friends (?) or enemies depending on how you want to look at it will seem to be permanently taken out of future books, but I have my doubts.

I cannot say too much more for fear that I will be giving away the best part of this book…I will just say that this was what I consider to be the best book yet. I am deeply troubled that se only have one book left to this series and I am eagerly looking forward as to how Ms Harrison is going to tie everything up and keep her readers happy!*ARC supplied by publisher for reviewing purposes*