Silver - Rhiannon Held Silver by Rhiannon Held

Silver, one of our protagonists, is actually named Selene but she has no ties to who she used to be before the attack. Silver/Selene had been injected with liquid silver. She sees a wolven image of death and talks to him and she can no longer call her ‘wild side’ or her wolf. Therefore, she can no longer change.

Andrew Dare is the Enforcer for the Roanoke pack and he is on the hunt for someone who stinks of silver. He is disliked by all the wolves since he is an enforcer, and one who had gone a little crazy in the past when his wife died in Spain in a arson house fire. Set by a rival pack.

There may be an entire pack missing as Andrew puts together once he has ‘captured’ Selene and none of the other packs care. It’s live and let live…yes…but it is also turn a blind eye and don’t help your fellow wolf, no matter how they need it.

This is an interesting book, which did not resonate with me. The language is stiff and stilted and I can only surmise that that is how the author wants the wolves to come off as. They are old fashioned/old school type creatures. The wolves as a whole are unlikable to me. They are quick to anger, quick to judge and quick to fight (typical werewolf behavior I assume) and slow to care about anything. Even Andrew and Selene take a lot of suspending disbelief before I can ‘like’ them or see them as an eventual couple.

The story as a whole is frustrating and again that is due to how the author chose to write about the wolves.