Meternity - Meghann Foye I really wanted to like this book. The book description made this right up my alley.

I have no kids (and have been married for 34 years) and this is by choice. I get a little tired of not being able to park where I want to because spaces are saved for mothers...of being run down in the grocery stores by those absurdly long carriages that are made to entertain children. It is an entitled generation.

It sounded (in theory)kind of good for Liz our main character to take matters into her own hands (so to speak) and grab some of the 'goodies' that only Moms get...then it just became an embarrassment for both the reader and the author.

What I got instead is a book that was written for a different generation than mine, a book that I couldn't even begin to translate into readable English. I finally started skimming and then even gave up on that.

If anything this book will most likely become the lowest rated book ever on AMAZON. The reviews there are amazing and cruel towards the author.
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