Pale Queen Rising (Pale Queen Series Book 1)

Pale Queen Rising (Pale Queen Series Book 1) - A. R. Kahler I sit here wondering just how to write a review for this book that won't get me sued!

Have you ever read a book that in less than 24 hour's you've forgotten most of it? That about the only thing you can remember is that the main character is an ass-hat -a supposed kick-ass heroine that is anything but kick-ass? For the life of me I can't even remember if she actually ever really raised a hand. I think all she actually did was talk smack, threaten people and be the worse cliched character I have ever read.

The plot wasn't even all that great and it was a tiny bit obvious to this reader (and "tiny" was a wee exaggeration)

You want an actual adult read about the Fae? Then read Laurell Hamilton's Merry Gentry series -yes you will want to throw the books against the wall for her usage (over-usage---way way overused !)of the word "spill" in all of its forms! But at least you won't be treated like you are brain-dead.

The other thing that I took great issue with, was the fact that this author seemed to have taken a character or the idea of this character from another author. Yes there are a lot of magic wielding, big mouthed, female lead characters lately-but this seemed overly obvious to me.

I HATED Claire.

Oh well, can't love 'em all!