The Young Wives Club: A Novel

The Young Wives Club: A Novel - Julie Pennell I would have been better prepared to be in the proper mind-set to read this book had it been listed under New Adult or Young Adult, That is where I believe this book belongs. However, even though these women are essentially 'girls' (17/18 to 20) when they marry, it is not unusual to us women (and men) of a certain age. I got married the first time at 19 and the second at 25, so I can grasp the idea behind this book.

This book does a great job of showing young women NOT to hitch their lives, wants and needs to someone else and especially not a man.

With four different story-lines it is at times a book that is stretched a little thin, but in the end we get a fairly good HEA for all -it may not seem it at the time, but yes in the long run each woman got exactly what they needed.

*ARC supplied by publisher.