A Bee In Her Bonnet

A Bee In Her Bonnet - Jennifer Beckstrand This is the second book in the Honeybee Sister’s trilogy and the theme is very similar to the first book. The main character Poppy seems to be disliked by certain people of their community, the ‘romance’ is fraught with pitfalls that are brought on by both Poppy and Luke.

The Amish part of this book is so dissimilar to other Amish books that I have read that it makes me really wonder if it should be classified as such. Christian…hmmm, I suppose as there is a lot of bible quoting and we do have a little bit of turning the other cheek, that we can call this Christian –however Poppy’s attitude really isn’t that of your typical Amish young woman. Sometimes that really works well as a storyline but this time –not so much.

The despair that Poppy goes through got on my nerves after a while. Had this been a shorter novel it would have worked for me splendidly, but in a novel this length it just go repetitious and annoying. With Poppy constantly fighting and getting sometimes seriously hurt chapter after chapter, I just wanted to roll my eyes and say the heck with it and not finish the book. But I managed to finish and I will say that I will read the next one when it comes out.

Aunt Bitsy is still an enigma and one that I am enjoying. I really hope that there will be a book about her and her past life and how she came back to the fold. I know that she did it for her nieces’ sake, but I’ll bet there was a lot of kicking and screaming along the way.

I hope that the third book finally explains who and why there is so much vandalism at their farm too.
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