The Girls of Mischief Bay

The Girls of Mischief Bay - Susan Mallery 3.0 out of 5 stars I'm Reluctant to Write This, February 25, 2015

This review is from: The Girls of Mischief Bay (Kindle Edition)
I know I am in the minority with my feeling for this initial book in this new series. I almost feel as if I need to apologize for how I feel about it.

This book is wonderfully written with thoroughly fleshed and well rounded characters. I agree that these women are the types that I could see being friends with. However, as entertainment value they left something to be desired. I read to escape my everyday problems, and these characters left me depressed. Let me try to explain ----->POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD<------<br/>
We have three women, each a decade apart in age. They range from 30's to 50's. Each brings to the table some sort of issue. From being depressed about no longer being young and attractive, to being single at nearly 40, to having a husband who left his job and is contributing nothing to his marriage. I am in my 50's so of course Pam's problems hit home with me and really depressed me. I too feel out of the loop and not very content with my age. But Pam manages to do something about it and just when everything is going her way, fate slaps her upside the head in the worst way possible and makes things horrible---to the point that she contemplates suicide.

Nicole to seems to finally get her life together and have hope for her marriage - until her husband strikes it big and becomes Hollywood an all the worst definitions of the word.

Luckily as far as HEA's go, Shannon our 40 year old comes the closest but it is a path fraught with complications.

All in all, instead of leaving this book happy and with hope for the future, leaving with the knowledge that I was entertained, I left instead looking for my anti-depressants and a glass of wine.

I admit on the positive side this book did force me to contemplate my life a little closer, but is that what we really want our romance (and that was what this book was being advertised as when I chose it at NetGalley) to do? I had hoped for a slightly more frothy read, but I understand well that Ms Mallery really doesn't write frothy. At least not now.

This book also lacked in the sizzle department - tepid at best, although some sex scenes are quite amusing.