The Newcomer (Thunder Point)

The Newcomer (Thunder Point) - Robyn Carr I was looking forward to a typical adult romance, and was smacked up-side the head with what felt like a 'what not to do' handbook on teen romance and its pitfalls. I realize that teen depression and suicide resulting from a bad break-up are important issues, but when I read, I read for entertainment and escapism. I would have appreciated a better blurb about this book so I would have had the option of passing by something I am not interested in.

This book contains so many characters and story-lines, that for a while I couldn't keep them straight. (I'm still not too sure I DO have them straight even though I'm done)

We deal with the two main couples - Gina and Mac, Sarah and Cooper, now throw in a bevy of adolescents, several bio-parents that have never been in the picture a few outside relationships that really have nothing to do with moving the story along.

And if I may add -there really isn't a story. The book just rambled along in any direction it wanted to take without ever making a true point or tying up anything.

I will say that it was, at times, interesting enough to keep me reading. However I ended up skimming a lot towards the very end. The ending - especially the last page, was in my opinion quite lame, but it did leave me wondering if these two tertiary characters would show up in another book about this town.