Awaken, My Love (Brava Historical Romance)

Awaken, My Love (Brava Historical Romance) - Robin Schone This was one of the first erotic books I had ever read. Just from reading this one I was hooked. Now I own all of Ms Schone's books, as well as many other erotic/romantica author.

This book combines excellent story telling, wonderful multi-dimensional characters and deeply intricate world building.

Yes it is somewhat of a time travel book, but with an interesting twist. You see, the heroine, Elaine who is bored and dissatisfied with her marriage and life, travels backwards in time and enters another woman's body. She enters the body of Morrigan. Morrigan is a newly married woman and hasn't yet consummated her marriage - even after a year of marriage. Morrigan in turn goes forward in time to take over for Elaine and to live her life.

This book really does combine the best of both worlds. It is filled with terror, evil, heartbreak, mystery and some really HOT shenanigan's between Elaine and her new 'husband'.

This book is set in an unusual period, the Victorian era, which seems to be Ms. Schone's specialty.

I think that the story itself will keep you riveted, while the creative love-making and secondary and tertiary stories are the icing on the cake