Who Do You Love: A Novel

Who Do You Love: A Novel - Jennifer Weiner I'm not so sure that the pain filled trip was worth the conclusion to this book.

I hate to do this as I usually love anything by this author, but this book just left me annoyed for some reason. To me it was just meh. It had its moments, please don't get me wrong. The premise was fairly unique to me (although a little stale for a lot of the general public), the character's are well drawn and multi-layered but for me the idea of love at first sight, sort of, is a difficult idea for me to swallow.

The pain that these two go through during their lives - real pain as well as emotional pain, especially Andy's, got to be too much for me after a while.

The resolution and conclusion of the novel was good but I wish it had happened a bit earlier in the book so we could have seen Andy and Rachel have some good in their lives.

Yes, you get the happily ever after with this book, but the path to that moment was like walking over glass. A delicate process, painful at times and you are very thankful when that walk is done.