Jack of Spades: A Tale of Suspense

Jack of Spades: A Tale of Suspense - Joyce Carol Oates
If you have read Stephen Kings “The Dark Half”, then you will get the joke behind this rather mediocre short novel. At 200 and a few more pages, it reads more like a novella or an unfinished novel.

If this was supposed to be a humorous or even satirical book, I just didn’t get it. The characters are thinly written, the plotting was weak, the story-line was silly and so unbelievable that even for horror it had me scratching my head in bemusement and the humor was, for me- non-existent. I couldn’t find myself emotionally bonding with any of the characters.

On the other hand this book does seem to find so many of today’s issues that are plaguing the writing world, especially the self-published and yanks these issues out into the open and lays them bare.

I wish I had read this book in its finished format to see just how the author explains her using Stephen Kings name (among other very famous authors) and his reactions when Ms Oates made him a plagiarist as part of her story.

I have heard of Ms. Oates before and had always meant to read something by her, but if this is what I can expect then I think I will take a pass at anything else.

*ARC supplied by publisher.