Wayfinder (Worldwalker Duology)

Wayfinder (Worldwalker Duology) - C.E. Murphy I seem to be one of the few that really did not like this concluding book as much as I did the first book that built the series.

While it was a lovingly, intricately and very well written story, it was not one that held my attention. It rambled quite a bit in places, and just had very little excitement. I am used to books that portray the Dark and Light Fae much differently and perhaps I just expected too much of the same thing.

This will be a book for those readers that like sweetly written romance, although it is a minor part of the story over-all. If you are not a fan of a lot of blood and gore this will be an enjoyable read.

It was fairly easy to follow even though I hadn’t read the Truthseeker since last year. However, I would highly suggest to anyone thinking of reading this to make the time to read the first one too. If you do read them back to back, I think you will like both of them a lot more than I did this second novel. I very much enjoyed the first and really disliked this one. I found it to be slow to build, many of the characters to be cloyingly sweet and even the characters that you aren’t supposed to like just left me feeling bored. This book managed to not bring out any emotions in me, nor was it, a page-turner that I just couldn’t put down.

I am upset that I didn’t find this more enjoyable because I really do love all of CE Murphy’s other series and trilogies.