The Husband School

The Husband School - Kristine Rolofson This was actually a better book than I expected, and if you like the idea of a book with not sex and/or swearing then this is going to be a perfect pick for you.

It did leave plot lines open, but since this is a first book in a series, I expect that those secondary story lines will be picked up in future books.

I definitely will be buying the next in this series. It's not that I'm prudish -I just get tired of the same thing over and over and love finding something different.

The story backing this romance is about the mayor of Willing, Montana trying to get people and businesses to come to this dying town. One of the ways he is going to try is to bring a TV crew in and use the men (cowboys) of this town as 'bait' (sort of) think "The Bachelor" in rural Montana!

This particular book center's around a couple who had been a couple, 20 years ago and had broken up. Now they have a chance to make amends while working for the good of the town.

It is a book well worth the read and I recommend it to anyone looking for something non-angsty or mild, yet romantic (in its own way), or set in an interesting part of the country.