A Beau for Katie

A Beau for Katie - Emma  Miller http://booksandchat.blogspot.com/

Emma Miller does it again, in my opinion. This is the perfect (for me) gentle romance that has a message, the perfect book that doesn’t push religion in your face even though it is an Amish/Christian romance. I am not a Christian, but I love these books because it makes the Amish belief so palatable to me.

However, had I not kept reading this book, I would have never have thought that these two could ever fall in love. I was tempted to give up after only reading a quarter of this book, because both of these characters were irritating. Actually I think they reminded myself of me and that is what most likely caused me to b e less than happy with this book.

I’m glad I persevered, since both finally came to see that they were both wrong and could both use a bit of a refresher on how to ‘manage’ others!

But the end proves that Sara ALWAYS knows what she is doing!

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