Memory Man

Memory Man - David Baldacci
SEE COMMENT ADDED----->I can’t say that this is a new series by David Baldacci because the book lists it as a standalone, but the author would be a fool NOT to make this a series. It would be fresh and exciting with a ton of fascinating, quirky, hyper-smart characters. And with a mind like Mr. Baldacci’s and using this book as an example, the plotting and mysteries would be mind-boggling.

Added comment ----> This is the start of a new series.

As trite as this is going to sound, this book had me riveted from the very first chapter and glued to my chair for the rest of the book. I haven’t read anything by this author in a very long time and I am very sorry that I haven’t kept up with him if this book is anything to go by.

The story-line was a unique one for me, as is said in the book description - Amos Decker could never forget anything. Not since dying twice the very first time he stepped onto a professional football field and into an extremely violent collision with another player. He ended up with hyperthymesia and syynesthesia (and I did have to look these up just to satisfy myself that they are real conditions of the brain!). Now he is a cop or more precisely a Detective for the town of Burlington and one night he enters his home and things will never be the same for him again…even more so than when he died twice.

16 months later -When something terrible happens at the town’s high school, Amos is called in by the police department to aid in this new case and from here Amos can try to put some of his life back together.

I have to admit for a little while I was worried about whom exactly the murderer was. I was hoping that the author didn’t pull a Stephen King (The Dark Half). But I was wrong thank goodness, and when I found out the who and the why of it all, I was flabbergasted. The last couple of chapters are real eye openers, and will show you just how this book just screams to become a series. Actually, since the last chapter does set this up to be a series, so I hope the author does get the chance to do so.

This book actually gives you something to ponder; more than just the mystery…you may walk away wondering what YOUR life would be like if you could never forget the minutest detail of your life and all that passes by you.

You may finish this book, but as odd as this may sound, this book isn’t finished with you.

*ARC supplied by publisher.