Under Suspicion (Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles)

Under Suspicion (Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles) - Hannah Jayne Under Suspicion (The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles) by Hannah Jayne (My star rating here will not meet with Amazons star system so please forgive me for that)

If anything proves the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” then this series and their covers does. These covers have absolutely NOTHING to do with the books themselves. The heroine is as far from being a kick-ass, leather wearing, weapon toting person, as I am to an Olympic Luger.

I realize that not every author wants her/his heroine to be a kick-ass type, one who knows how to fight and has a fairly stiff back-bone. We as readers would be frustrated if we didn’t have choices, so I can see why Ms Jayne may have wanted to stick with her totally inept heroine. I HAD hoped though, that Sophie would become less whiny AND stiffen her backbone in this the third installment of “The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles”, but sadly if anything Sophie as even less heroine material and more ‘historical bodice ripper, damsel in distress’ material.

With demons (this term is pretty much used to mean anyone of a paranormal bent) going missing, demons dying, and with only Sophie taking it seriously, and her crush on her Guardian Will taking up most of her time—the story reads more as a romance that a speculative fiction. Sophie is under attack since she is of course the only one taking this seriously. Her friends are treating her as if she was an inept (she is) idiot (she is not, not really) and I have to admit even I’m starting to think this of her.

Most of the novel is spent with anyone and everyone under suspicion of the crimes that Sophie has come upon. The rest of the book is about her pining for Alex, having salacious thoughts about Will, worrying about her ‘father’, wondering if VERM is doing something suspicious (no! really?) and getting injured.

About the best thing I can say about this book, is the preview for the next book.
The author of this novel is trying too hard to make us laugh and it isn’t working for many of us. At this point, all I feel is annoyance and pity for Sophie the main character and dislike for the fact that she lets everyone including her best friend walk all over her and treat her like a moron.

This series is NOT for anyone looking for something with a strong heroine.