My Lunatic Life: 1 (Lunatic Life Series)

My Lunatic Life: 1 (Lunatic Life Series) - Sharon Sala I'm sorry that I waited 3 months to read this book. I would have then bought the sequel that much earlier! I loved this book. I have been dissatisfied with what I have been reading and was looking for something a little different and this did it for me!

Tara Luna lives with her bachelor Underlie and they move all over the country like vagabonds at Uncle Bob's whim. Well this is Tara's last year in high school and she really wants to stay. She would like to go to college, she wants a boyfriend, she wants girlfriends, but most of all she wants to be treated as normal! But she isn't and even though she hasn't been in school more than a few weeks and had hoped to keep her abilities in check, it all seems to go wrong.

See, Tara is a ghost whispering psychic and has used this ability to put the Mean Girl Cheerleaders on the defensive. She has also used her ability to help those in trouble and in doing so has gained a reputation as a witch. Now she has a HUGE problem, one of the mean girls has been kidnapped and Tara has to make a lot of people believe in her gifts and one of those is the hunky and semi-dangerous Flynn.

Welcome to Tara's lunatic life, it isn't easy but it is always an adventure.

Ms Sala has written some very well fleshed out characters and put them in situations that, while you have to suspend your disbelief because of the speculative fiction aspect - it won't be difficult to do. I think she has captured what it means to bee a teen and to be different from the herd quite well.