Kill the Competition

Kill the Competition - Stephanie Bond Despite its title and blood-red cover art, this tart, down-to-earth tale from Bond (I Think I Love You, etc.) focuses more on the nature of female friendships than on the murder mystery that throws the heroine's life into a tailspin.

As several other reviewers noted there are a few typos, but as far as repetitive words etc, this is the authors style. This is why she may be getting 'so many' 5 star votes, votes that are from long time fans and feel comfortable with this style. This is an author that once you've read her first book, and IF you are able to fall in love with that book, will captivate you with the rest of her books. This is a 99 cent book sometimes get what you pay for. Typos are a small price to pay for an excellent story and wonderful characters!

If you love novels that are centered around women friends and how they can one minute love you and the next nearly hate you (or think you've committed murder!) then this novel--actually ANY Stephanie Bond novel will be for you.

It takes a long time for the murder to be committed in this book, but that's OK since we are spending the time learning about Belinda ( a new Georgian transplant from Cincinnati) and the women she will be commuting with to her new job. We will also see her building (or trying to build relationships ) with a sexy voiced traffic reporter, and Wade, the police officer whom she hit the very first day of her commuting.

The mystery will be why is her nasty boss Margo trying to get her to fudge on a report, why is Melinda so reluctant to talk about her es-husband,why did another woman working for the company have 'fallen' down an elevator shaft, and who is trying to maybe kill Belinda. When Margo is found dead in a VERY compressing place things REALLY go from bad to worse for Melinda.

The epilogue is extremely clever so make sure you read beyond the authors notes so you don't miss it!