Hounded - Kevin Hearne "Hounded" is a perfectly adequate and entertaining book in the speculative fiction genre. While I realize that it is getting raves from most readers, I for one, found it to be a bit too much like Jim Butcher's "Harry Dresden" with a dash of C E Murphy's series. The saving grace would be that it has a bit of a younger, hipper crowd of antagonists and protagonists. I think the problem is, is that the genre has gotten so over- saturated that any one author is starting to read like most of the rest.

The aspects I did find intriguing was the idea that Artticus looks like a college kid but is in reality 2100 years old Druid,and the other is his somewhat odd neighbors. I do see further books may be very interesting in that Atticus has taken an apprentice who may or may not become a love interest for him. That would put in interesting spin on things.