Sense and Sensibility (Illustrated)

Sense and Sensibility (Illustrated) - Jane Austen, Richard Burton, Marie-Michelle Joy, Hugh  Thomson Well I finished it -and none too soon.

Apparently my tastes are just too 21st century to appreciate this type of book.

This book is filled satire and is supposedly a 'comedy of manners' I just found it to be filled with annoying whining characters, angst over the least little thing and a real hang-up about money (sort of like modern chick lit but with overly long dialogue! - I found it difficult to see these females as the sweet, artless, naive women everyone seems to think they are - they seem a bit vicious to me. Sort of like the typically written Southern Belle who can stab you in the back and the same time be giving you sugar to your face...all this as long as she say's 'bless your heart'!

A can see why this is a classic since so many modern books emulate Ms Austen's style of writing and her subject matter-however, the fact that she uses circumlocution to the nth degree is enough to drive me up the wall. I hate this whether it is an 18th century author or a modern author.

Classic, well yes, I guess so. I just don't understand why.