Candy Corn Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery)

Candy Corn Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery) - Leslie Meier I have read some of this series (the very early ones) and quite liked them. I love reading small town cozies and this fits the bill.

In the very first Lucy Stone book[[ASIN:B008J4N8QM Mistletoe Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery Series Book 1)]] (free with Kindle Unlimited if you want to start this series from book one, but it really isn't necessary since this book can be read as a stand-alone mystery) Lucy solves the murder of the man who is the founder of Country Cousin's - in this book Country Cousins again seems to play a big role in the newest mystery facing the good people of Tinker's Cove Maine. Someone is doing their best to put a stop to the towns Pumpkin Fest and in doing so a murder is committed. Lucy's husband Bill is being accused of murdering one of his closest pals and this whole thing reeks and not of pumpkin pie spices either!

After reading these books for so many years (the first book was printed in 1991) I am pleased to see that the author does what so many other's fail to do -she has let her characters grow, age and really develop. I feel comfortable with these characters and the mystery is developed enough so that even though this is a cozie mystery series, there is nothing simple about them. You may be able to easily figure out who-dun-it, but it is still a pleasure reading until the ending, because you never know if a surprise is going to be thrown in.

I also like the fact that each book centers around either a holiday or a special occasion of some sort.