Lorie's Heart

Lorie's Heart - Amy Lillard Perhaps if I had read any of the other books by this author, I might have been prepared for this book. Without doing so I have no clue whether or not this author writes her other books about breaking ones faith for love. A very romantic notion.

I felt that this book was written more for the YA market and I have to wonder if that is the author's style or if this is in truth, a fact.

The characters seemed really immature (even for an Amish person) and the constant introspection, lying and sneaking around by Lorie got a little annoying after a while. It led to me skimming a lot of this novel just to see what happened to her father. And that was a big let down. Perhaps the author should have allowed us more time with Lorie's other Grandmother and other relatives?

I don't know -everything just cam to easily to Lorie and I would have been as unhappy if this had been a non-Amish romance.

*ARC supplied by publisher.