Pineapple Grenade: A Novel

Pineapple Grenade: A Novel - Tim Dorsey
This has to be the first time that I really did NOT like one of the books from this series. While all of these books revel in the confusion that is Serge and Tim Dorsey, it didn't seem to work in this particular book. Most of Tim's book are info-dumps at times and it is up to you to pick out what is going to be important...then you learn it is ALL going to be important, in this book the info-dumps just didn't seem to add up to anything worth getting excited about.

I have to agree with the reviewer who is wondering if this is going to be "a slippery slope", I too am wondering the same thing.

One thing for sure is that I have never been bored by a Serge Storms book until now. I felt like I wanted to skim it just to see if something interesting was going to happen. I was surprised to see only a modicum of murders in this book