A Husband for Mari

A Husband for Mari - Emma  Miller This is another excellent installment in "The Amish Matchmaker" series and I can't wait for the third book.

It is a fairly quick read at only 224 pages and a great book to curl up with on a cold winters day.

Even though I am a non-believer I can recognize the spirituality behind this book, and how Mari has troubles deciding whether she is coming back tot he church for her beliefs or because she just want to belong.

Mari left the Faith on the very day of her Baptism. In the ensuing years she has had a child and her husband had left her. She had come home to Wisconsin and struggled to make ends meet and to take care of her 9 year old son.

Now she needs to find another job and she travels to Delaware -the Amish community of Seven Poplars. Here she can get back on her feet but she soon finds that it is a place of serenity, family, Faith and fun. And here is where she meets James Hosteltler. He is good not only for Mari, but he is wonderful with her son.

The growth of Mari and especially here son is amazing in these pages and the author's descriptions of the people and town make me want to go live there.